localtours, bus & self drive excursion, airport shuttles

General conditions

a) Excursions

The organizing tour company be held responsable for shortcoming or damages resulting from services rendered by transport companies, hotels, restaurants, entertainment companies, etc... The tour company is acting solely as a contact agency, and has the right to change the itinerary and/or travel schedule to adjust to weather conditions, traffic, strikes, and so on. The agency also has the right to cancel or postpone an excursion due lack of participation. In sutch a case no damage by the client can be claimed.

Anulation: The client has the right however to a full refund if it is imposible to participate on the excursion on the set date, no refund will given. If the client advices the agency he/she will not participate on the excursion at least 24 hours in advance, a 50% refund will apply.

Children: Children are considered to be under the age of twelve.

Participating:By participating to this travel program, the client also agrees tot the above mentioned conditions.

Payment:It is possible to make the payment by credit card with TPV provided by Bankia or by Paypal if you have an account.

b) Shuttles

LOCALTOURS shuttle is an online booking and purchasing of land transfers, developed and fully managed by LOCALTOURS, which will be the only responsible for all the aspects of the service. 
The below conditions are applied to all passengers booking with the LOCALTOURS company. 

1. The payment is carried out at the time of the reservation. LOCALTOURS will then issue a written confirmation with all the details of the reservation and will send it by e-mail (or by fax on request). The payments are not refundable, except if LOCALTOUR has to, for reasons independent of its will, cancel the reservation or accepts to cancel it. 

2. The customer commits himself to accept the general conditions of LOCALTOURS, even if the booking is made by telephone. 

3. When a person books for two people or more, he engages himself in the name of the other people and LOCALTOURS considers that all the members of the group also accept the present general conditions. 

4. In the case of flight delays, we may delay the departure of the shuttle with a minimal delay. In case of more important delay, we will do our best to reschedule you on another transfer if places are available or to organize another solution. If the flight is cancelled, the payment is not refundable. 

5. When planning for your transfer allow enough time for it. We recommend leaving 3 hours before the departure of the flight. You are the only person responsible. LOCALTOURS declines any responsibility for delays due to unforeseen circumstances on the road. 

6. Bookings should be cancelled by phone or by email. We should be advised of any cancellations at the very latest 7 days before the date of the journey. Beyond this limit, LOCALTOURS will make no refund. 

7. All luggage should be clearly labelled with the owner's name and address. 

8. LOCALTOURS drivers reserve the right to refuse transport in their vehicles to any person visibly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and whose behaviour could be considered as a threat to the safety of the other passengers and the driver. 

9. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking are strictly prohibited on board of all vehicles. 

10. LOCALTOURS and their carriers will do their utmost to ensure that vehicles arrive punctually at the agreed meeting points and to deliver their customers to their destination at the appointed time. However, LOCALTOURS and their carriers decline all responsibility in the event of delays incurred by events beyond their control such as : 

- Road accidents incurring slow downs
- Road accidents incurring slowdowns or bringing all traffic to a halt
- Weather conditions
- Law enforcement
- Vandalism and terrorism
- Unpredictable traffic jams
- Strikes or demonstrations blocking the roads
- Problems induced by other passengers
- Any other incident which could influence the security of other passengers

11. Although handled with the greatest care, passenger luggage is transported at the owners' risk and LOCALTOURS or the carrier can under no circumstances be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred. We recommend that passengers check their travel insurance prior to departure. 

12. If the carrier is unable to deliver customers to their appointed destination, LOCALTOURS will undertake to organise alternative transport. Refunds made by LOCALTOURS to cover the cost of this alternative transport cannot exceed the cost of a taxi to the customers' destination. 

13. LOCALTOURS can only be held responsible for predictable and reasonable incidents arising from an error in the contract.